3034Re – Delivery Procedure Pack

• Sterile individually packed
• Sterilised in the UK

• All Clonallon manufactured packs have a Unique Device Indicator supported by a GS1 Compliant Barcode.

Product Code: 3034Re.
Each Case Contains 10 packs.

The Clonallon Delivery Procedure Pack comes supplied in an easy to open pouch and contains:
1x Baby Wrap 100x100cm.
1x Basin Emesis 700ml.
1x Basin Placenta 3000ml.
1x Blunt/Blunt Scissors 14cm.
1x Bonney Forceps 7.
1x Bowl 1000ml.
1x Folded Hand Towel 45x49cm.
1x Mayo Scissors 16cm.
2x Mosquito Artery Forceps 18cm.
2x Plain Drape 75x75cm.
1x Plastic Sponge Holder.
1x Needle Holder 18cm.
1x Umbilical Cord Clamp.
1x Umbilical Cord Scissors.
1x Under Buttock Drape 90x110cm.
1x White Crepe 120x120cm 60g.
5x White XRD Swabs 10x10cm – 12 Ply.

Contract Manufacturing

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