2150A – Dental Filling Pack Basic Adult

• Sterile individually packed
• Sterilised in the UK

• All Clonallon manufactured packs have a Unique Device Indicator supported by a GS1 Compliant Barcode.

Product Code: 2150A.
1 Case contains 40x packs.

The Clonallon Dental Filling Pack Basic Adult comes supplied in an easy to open pouch and contains:
1x 60ml Graduated Gallipot.
1x Amalgam Plugger – double ended, with no.1 and no.2 ends.
1x College Tweezers 15cm.
5x Cotton Pellet – size 2.
5x Cotton Roll – size 2.
1x Dental Mirror with handle – size 4
1x Dental Probe with fine tip no.9
1x Discoid Cleoid – double ended, 4mm round end and 3mm spade shaped end.
1x Mixing Spatula – double ended.
1x PE Wrap 60x60cm.
1x Plastic Filling Instrument – double ended no.179
1x Shallow Tray 25x14x2.5cm
1x Solid Ball Burnisher – double ended, 1 small end and 1 medium end.
1x Spoon Excavator – double ended, 1.5mm and 2mm ends.
1x Ward Carver – double ended, 1cm rounded end and 1cm pointed end.


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