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5010 Basic Organ Retrieval

The Clonallon Basic – Organ Retrieval Pack comes supplied in an easy to open pouch and contains:

Product Name QTY
Thoracic Drape, 200cm X 300cm X 340cm With Incise Aperture 65cm X 77cm 1
Back Table Cover, 150cm X 230cm 1
Trolley Cover, 160cm X 200cm (Folded) 2
Trolley Cover, 160cm X 200cm (Folded) 1
Mayo Table Cover, Reinforced, 80cm X 145cm 1
Jug With Handle, 800ml 1
Clinical Waste Bag White Xrd Swabs, 10cm X 10cm (Tied In 5’s) 1
White Xrd Swabs, 30cm X 30cm (Tied In 5’s) 1
White Xrd Swabs, 45cm X 45cm (Tied In 5’s) 1
Round Bowl, 500ml 3
Round Bowl, 3000ml Round Bowl, 6000ml 1
Kidney Dish, 800ml (Translucent) 2
Fast Flow, Irrigation Set, 230cm 1
Suction Tubing, 7mm X 300cm 2
Suction Tip With Retractable Sheath 2
Magnetic Sharps Container (20 Count) 1
Within Exterior Pouch
Diathermy Pencil With 300cm Cable, Tip Cleaner, Blade & Holster 1
Ethicon No.1 Vicryl Tie, Absorbable Violet, 150cm 2
Ethicon 2/0 Vicryl Braided Tie, Violet, Absorbable, 6 X 45cm 1
Ethicon 4/0 Vicryl Tie, Absorbable Violet, 6 X 45cm 1
Ethicon Bonewax, 2.5g 2
Ethicon Mersilk, Black, 1 X 100cm 3


• Sterile individually packed
• Sterilised in the UK

• All Clonallon manufactured packs have a Unique Device Indicator supported by a GS1 Compliant Barcode.