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Contract Manufacturing

We offer all our customers and clients the opportunity to customise their products to meet their exact requirements.

We endeavour to maintain flexibility and adaptability when providing outsourcing solutions.

With product and contract manufacturing we focus on effective communication to ensure outsourcing is an opportunity and not a cost.

We reliably look after the logistics – from sterilisation services and product assembly, to supply chain management.

We continue to improve on our lead times and supplier relationships throughout our network. Every step of the supply chain is analysed to ensure the timely delivery of correct products.

We manufacture to client specifications and the quality of our service is always a priority.


Save valuable time


Customised solutions


Quality & assurance


Scalable production


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Assembly
  • Product Packing
  • Sterilisation Services
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Contract Manufacturing

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us if you require a customised product.