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Organ Donation Week is a week-long campaign that takes place every year, with the aim of raising awareness about the ongoing need for organ donors.

This year the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) Team have a target to encourage 25,000 people to register to become organ donors. NHSBT are campaigning as more than 7000 people need a life-saving transplant right now, but currently there are only around 1400 organ donors each year,

Organ donation is when you decide to give an organ to save or transform the life of someone else. You can donate some organs while you are alive, and this is called living organ donation. However, most organ and tissue donations come from people who have passed away. Click this link to view a 30 second video regarding organ donation for more information.

During this week there are a number of ways you can help NHSBT achieve their target.

  • Register to become an organ donor online or via the NHS App.
  • Go pink to highlight the need for more organ donors and to remind people to confirm their decision. A few ideas to promote Organ Donation Week include, paint your nails pink, wear something pink, find pink things to take selfies with. Share your ‘pink’ photos on social media and tag @NHSOrganDonor using #OrganDonationWeek.

More information on organ donation can be viewed by following this link.