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Clonallon have successfully been awarded the Hemi Arthroplasty Procedure Pack tender for the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust. Clonallon staff have been working hard in their tendering efforts and it is good to see success come of it. We were first awarded this contract back in 2017 and Clonallon have been supplying this pack since then. We are always delighted to be re-awarded contracts as it displays our ability to offer to most economical advantageous products whilst still providing high quality procedural packs.

The contents of the Hemi Arthroplasty Pack for the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust is as follows.

1x Anaesthetic Drape 260x300x235.5cm.

1x Back Table Cover 150x190cm.

2x Drape 175x180cm, adhesive lip on 175cm side.

1x Drape 190x250cm, with adhesive lip on 190cm side.

1x Drape 90x120cm.

1x Anti-Microbial Incise Drape 60x45cm.

1x Drape Split Sheet 220x300cm, Split 10x110cm.

1x Eth. Vicryl Violet 1x75cm NDL

1x Eth. Vicryl Violet 2/0x75cm NDL

1x Cotton Ribbed Stockinette 15x190cm.

10x XRD Swabs 12ply 22.5×22.5cm

1x Sharps box.

2x Swann Morton No. 22 Blades

1x Suction Tubing 3m x 6mm FFM

1x Yankauer – Maxi w/Vacuum

10x White XRD Swab 32ply 10x10cm.


Clonallon cater to all our customer’s needs and can customize packs to each individual customer’s requirements. For any queries regarding our Hemi Arthroplasty Pack or to receive a quote, get in touch with a member of our sales team today –