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Clonallon are proud to announce that we will be distributing a new innovative product, A-View, across the UK and Ireland, brought to the market by our partners, DeRoyal.


An overview of A-View.

One of the drawbacks of Transoesophageal (Oesophageal) Echocardiography (TEE) or (TOE) is that virtually all of the distal ascending aorta (DAA) and aortic arch is ‘blind’ to this method as a result of the interposition of the air-filled trachea. This means that we have no real valuable information with respect to the level of atherosclerosis in this area.

A-View® Endotracheal Balloon Catheter is used to overcome the limitation of the so called ‘blind spot’ of TEE. After introduction of the saline filled catheter in the trachea, echo conduction through the trachea is enabled and the ascending aorta, aortic arch and its branching vessels can be imaged.


Video of A-View® TAVR Procedure.


Key Benefits of A-View.

The use of A-View in a large observational study has demonstrated a > 30% mortality reduction in patients in which A-View was used 1.

34% of the global total healthcare expenditure is spent on treating stroke patients 2. The routine use of A-View® prevents one in every 47 patients from developing a stroke3 and this produces a saving of €3,030 per patient.4   

A-View® was used in 1,391 procedures. 12% of patients had to have their surgical approach modified following its use as outlined below.

The average healthcare cost of stroke per person, including in patient care, rehabilitation, follow-up care, is estimated at USD 140,048 in the United States 4.

The largest cost component of stroke was direct medical costs and indirect medical costs, accounting for 86.2% and 1.8% of the total cost respectively 4.



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For more information regarding the use of A-View, please visit our website; or contact a member of our sales team;


The full Clinical and Business Case for A-View, written by Clonallon’s Managing Director, Dermot Dempster, is available to view below.

A-View Clinical & Business Case