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NMN 2022-2983 Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape Pack Premium

The Clonallon Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape Pack Premium comes supplied in an easy to open pouch and contains


Product Name Quantity
Mayo Stand Cover 78x145cm 1
OP Tape 10x50cm 2
Suture Bag 18x30cm 1
Adhesive Split Drape 150x190cm Plastic, Split 15x60cm 1
Body Split Drape 200x295cm Reinforcement 60x90cm, Split 10x70cm 1
Shoulder Split Sheet 180x254cm, Split 15x20cm 1
Back Table Cover 150x200cm 1


  • Sterile individually packed
  • Sterilised in the UK
  • All Clonallon manufactured packs have a Unique Device Indicator supported by a GS1 Compliant Barcode.