Temperature Monitoring- Oesophageal Stethoscope

Oesophageal Stethoscopes

• Designed for use in surgical setting to monitor heart and respiratory
sounds and to measure core body temperature in anesthetized patients
• Provides superior heart and respiratory sound transmission
• Available with or without temperature monitoring capability
• Complete line includes all popular French sizes
• Fully compatible with most monitors
• Available in extra-long lengths
• Available in regular and soft flexibility for enhanced patient comfort
• Atraumatic, low-friction surface for ease of insertion
• Thin distal cuff allows optimal sound transmission and fidelity
• Positive locking connector for secure cable connection
• Not made with natural rubber latex
• Sterile




Oesophageal Stethoscope


400 Series / Regular Tube

Part No Description Size Quantity
81-040409 Oesophageal Stethoscope 9FR 50/Cs
81-040412 Oesophageal Stethoscope 12FR 50/Cs
81-040418 Oesophageal Stethoscope 18FR 50C/s
81-040424 Oesophageal Stethoscope 24FR 50C/s



400 Series / Soft Tube

Part No Description Size Quantity
81-050409 Oesophageal Stethoscope 9FR 50/Cs
81-050412 Oesophageal Stethoscope 12FR 50/Cs
81-050418 Oesophageal Stethoscope 18FR 50C/s
81-050424 Oesophageal Stethoscope 24FR 50C/s


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